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Special paper series
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product description

Major brands and varieties

Thermal paper, Guerra Sin

Weight range


Main production subsidiary

Shouguang Chenming, Wuhan Chenming thermal paper factory

Main characteristics of products

1, (1) the color density is high, the color clarity is good.
(2) the use of wood pulp paper, good appearance, texture.
(3) the surface strength is high, printing, processing adaptability is good.
(4) print wear low, non stick print head, quality stability.
(5) coating wet friction properties, coating, cutting and processing efficiency is high.
2, (1) to 100% imported high-quality wood pulp refined, with a very high paper strength.
(2) Cobb oil absorption value is less than 0.8, less than the amount of silicone oil coating.
(3) environmental protection, recycling and degradation.
(4) surface smooth and delicate, high grade products.
(5) uniform thickness, suitable for die cutting.
(6) high temperature resistance, shrinkage resistance, high transparency.

Scope of application

Mainly used in electronics, medicine, food, washing supplies, supermarket labels, double-sided adhesive tape, such as high-grade adhesive backing paper 

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